A stylish Italian bean to cup coffee machine using coffee beans, powdered milk and powdered hot chocolate mix, the Necta Koro Max Prime is great as a convenient automatic coffee machine for offices and car showrooms. The Necta Koro Max Prime coffee machine can have coin-operation with a non-change giving acceptor coin mechanism. This makes it ideal for small coffee vending operations for after hours at the office or golf clubhouse use.

You can see a video demonstration of the Necta Koro Max Prime here:

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This coffee machine offers espresso, cappuccino, black coffee and hot chocolate as well as hot water at the touch of a button. It has a genuine espresso ‘pressure-brewing’ process for rich and tasty fresh coffee in your offices. We offer coffee machines to lease on a simple and tax-effective 3 year lease-rental deal which spreads the cost of the machine and helps with your cash flow; talk to us about how renting a coffee machine can help with your needs.

Did you know we supply a wide range of 16 fresh coffees as well as cappuccino topping milk powder and hot chocolate drink mix powder for this kind of coffee machine? Please see the range here and let us know if you would like some samples on sales@caffia.com

The WMF 1100S coffee machine delivers a wide range of speciality coffee drinks and hot chocolate with the high quality and reliability that you would expect from a German made commercial coffee machine.

The WMF 1100S has a 4.5 litre hand fill tank or can be plumbed in to the mains water if desired; it also offers hot water for tea. In offices it is important to have a quiet environment and this coffee machine makes use of special decoupled coffee grinders for smooth and quiet operation, the coffee brewing group is the same excellent technology as Schaerer coffee machines from Switzerland or the larger cousins in the WMF range like the 1500S+, the 5000S+ and the 9000S+.

This smart and compact automatic coffee machine uses coffee beans and fresh milk to offer the drinks menu via intuitive touch screen that is optimised to blend easy operation with functional style and quality; the WMF 1100S is ideal for sites serving up to 80 cups per day; have a look at the video demonstration on this page below:

On a kitchen worktop the 60 cm height of the WMF 1100S coffee machine means it is easy to fit into office kitchens or tea points where it’s simple and smart design and the availability of hot chocolate and mocha drinks as well as flat white, cappuccino and caffe latte is a winner.

The daily cleaning process is both quick and easy thanks to the WMF Click&Clean function that is tried and tested to ensure safe and easy operation and hygiene as well as fantastic quality and consistency at the touch of a button.

WMF 1100S Coffee Machine

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The Franke A800 coffee machine is a heavy duty Swiss coffee machine which uses espresso coffee beans, hot chocolate powder and fresh milk. It can make espresso coffee, foam milk or heat flat milk, and prepare a pot of tea at the same time and multiple beverages can be made in a single step via a stunning touch screen and the coffee machine will work through the list you have entered independently and quickly.

Flat white, caffe latte, cappuccino, espresso and americano are all available and hot chocolate and mocha drinks made with fresh milk! Would you like cold milk Madam? No problem at all! Who needs a barista with the Franke A800?

Franke A800 Coffee Machine

The Franke water boiler system found on the Franke A800 has 3 parts and is designed to handle large volumes easily in cafes, bakeries, offices and restaurants; it utilises the unique Franke FoamMaster milk heating and texturing technology for remarkable control, milk density and reduced waste.

Have a look at this handy how to clean a Franke A800 coffee machine video below:

Franke A800 Coffee Machine Cleaning Instructions Video

We offer automatic coffee machines rental with the Franke A800 bean to cup machine over a 3 year lease rental term to spread out the cost of the asset; ask us for a price for Franke A800 coffee machine today.

The touch screen on the Franke A800 coffee machine shows product images and can be configured to add messages, your brand and images. Self-service operation lets the user choose their desired product themselves with touch and swipe actions; this is the king of self-service coffee machines.

Please be free to call in to see the Franke demonstration coffee machine at our central London coffee machine showroom near Old Street or request samples of Caffia coffee beans from our broad range of 8 blends.

We are delighted to hear that the new model Jura Giga X3 bean to cup coffee machine is now available in the UK; with the new selection TFT touch screen, smart body panels and new look, the X3 also has improved easy-to-clean and remove milk foamer and drip tray. The milk foam on the new Jura Giga X3 Generation 2 is even better than the existing Giga X3 bean to cup coffee machine being very hot and with a smooth and silky texture as we have experienced on the Jura Giga X8 Generation 2 machine which was launched last year – perfect for a flat white or caffe latte from coffee beans and fresh milk.

Here we bring you some images; and a picture certainly tells a thousand words with this stunning new model of a Swiss coffee machine which has been one of our favourites for many years with its single coffee grinder, easy programming and fantastic 2 year parts and labour warranty. The machine can store your own drink settings so a strong shot of coffee is available if you need it or a milky weaker latte or flat white as a chill-out is easy as well. Jura never stop innovating and improving their coffee machines and we will be pleased to quote you for outright purchase or on a 3 year lease rental deal – please call us on 0203 096 7233.

You can see more details on this exciting new model Swiss bean-to-cup coffee machine with fresh milk on our corporate website here.

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