Jura Giga X3 Coffee Machine

We are delighted to hear that the new model Jura Giga X3 bean to cup coffee machine is now available in the UK; with the new selection TFT touch screen, smart body panels and new look, the X3 also has improved easy-to-clean and remove milk foamer and drip tray. The milk foam on the new Jura Giga X3 Generation 2 is even better than the existing Giga X3 bean to cup coffee machine being very hot and with a smooth and silky texture as we have experienced on the Jura Giga X8 Generation 2 machine which was launched last year – perfect for a flat white or caffe latte from coffee beans and fresh milk.

Here we bring you some images; and a picture certainly tells a thousand words with this stunning new model of a Swiss coffee machine which has been one of our favourites for many years with its single coffee grinder, easy programming and fantastic 2 year parts and labour warranty. The machine can store your own drink settings so a strong shot of coffee is available if you need it or a milky weaker latte or flat white as a chill-out is easy as well. Jura never stop innovating and improving their coffee machines and we will be pleased to quote you for outright purchase or on a 3 year lease rental deal – please call us on 0203 096 7233.

You can see more details on this exciting new model Swiss bean-to-cup coffee machine with fresh milk on our corporate website here.

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